‘Calina’ is a rarely encountered holly thought to be a hybrid of I. aquifolium x I. cornuta.  While its origin is unknown, this clone is thought to have come from seedlings purchased from LeMac Nursery by W. Edinglob; selected and named around 1938, and the name is thought to be a contradiction of Carolina.

Ilex 'Calina' - 2

At the SFA Gardens, for two decades we’ve been impressed with this densely branched, upright pyramidal tree.  Time has been a good friend to this tree.  On the North side of the Horticulture facility by the Ag building, this tree is part of a Holly screen that runs along the road to the parking lot.  The key feature is a very heavy berry crop in the Fall that persists into the winter.  In this spot, ‘Calina’ has spent much of her life fighting a Wisteria ‘Sweet Blue Moon’.  There were a few times when the Wisteria was winning.  A little lopper time and things were back to a fair and balanced field.  This clone can be used as a hedge or as a specimen.  Blessed with really clean dark green foliage, ‘Calina’ has never failed to cover itself each fall with a blanket of large vivid-red berries.  ‘Calina’ is reported to be adapted into Zone 7 and has established a reputation for heat tolerance and landscape durability in the southeastern United States.  It’s easy from cuttings in June with intermittent mist and somewhat slow to moderately vigorous growth in the container compared, at least compared to other hybrids that dominate the industry.  In our Zone 8 garden, Calina can be planted in full sun and prefers a well-drained soil, mulch and timely irrigation during the first two or three years.  Once established the tree has been quite durable in our East Texas Zone 8b garden.

Ilex  'Calina'

Ilex 'Calina' -3